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  • What material are the sculptures made of?
    My artworks in polymerclay mix and other matherials like resin, epoxy clay or resin. I use a strong mix of synthetic pastes. In 2019 I started using a new and extremely innovative polymer called Cosclay from Usa. A material that has definitely changed my way of working, giving me the opportunity to dare and create creatures that were impossible until then. It is extremely elastic and allows me to obtain very resistant and extremely detailed works. I love the Cosclay! They are resistant over time. Internally they have a strong metal wire structure. They are painted with Genesis oil colors or Pastels for artists. Each additional detail is created by hand in a careful and careful manner. The selected materials are of high quality and maximum quality. They are however artistic creations, so they must be handled with care and delicacy \. They are not toys. ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.
  • What is the meaning of OOAK?
    Ooak means One Of A Kind. That is a unique piece. Strictly made by hand without using molds. Each creature is different and unique even if belonging to a collection of the same species. Even if you have to recreate the same character, as can happen in Fan Art, each time the piece will be made from scratch, completely, therefore always different. I also usually change the position or details and never make more than a certain number of characters of the same type. In any case they are always perfectly unique pieces.
  • Can i order a special creation? A commission?
    Yes!Sure. I make pieces on order. We can define the details with email or Instagram-Facebook chat. Once the project is decided, I ask 40% down payment. The balance will be paid at the end of the work, before shipment. During the work I usually send photos to view the progress. At the end of the work I ship after having received the balance. I use DHL to ship. Shipping and customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.
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