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Elisabetta Visentini Figurative Art

Welcome to my world.


World of actions and creations, of unique pieces strictly hand made.

A universe of emotion, magic and suggestion.

To welcome you in this magical world, there is me,

Elisabetta Visentini, the creator of all that you will find here.

My mission is to create and tell stories of new characters and

magical worlds, where people can find and recognize themselves,

in the different aspects of their personality, in complete freedom of

personal expression.
I started by sculpting graceful and delicate fantasy creatures, but very soon I discovered
a particular predisposition for the gothic, grotesque, ambiguity and surrealism.

I consider myself a creative hybrid, emerged from the

needs of this particular period of our history,

a forge of self-production and self-invention initiatives.

I come from Italy, a cute small city near Milan.

I was born as a Product Designer, with a Master's Degree in 

Product Design at the Polytechnic of Milan, and then discovered an incredible

passion for everything that is hand made, lasting as a furnishing item or a jewel, but also ephemeral as an advertising scene.

I came into contact with the most diverse product categories, from dog furniture to lighting, from giant mock-ups, to microscopic miniatures, from classic furniture to clothing label graphics.

I taught graphics ... and now I teach material modeling with different fine art products ... material innovation and experimentation are a constant part of my artistic life.

In short, I could define myself as an artist, characters' designer, modeler of material dreams, designer outside the box.

In 2013 I wrote a tutorial book for kids, "Fantasy in Fimo" whose projects were different, more stylized than the one I deal with now. The themes and the "Taste" remains what I love, but now it has greatly evolved. The change occurred in 2015, when I finally decided to follow my inspiration that led me to create unique pieces that are always different.

In 2018 I decided to turn this passion into a real job and dedicating myself full time.
World of actions and creations, of unique pieces strictly hand made.

I love making different types of projects, very often fantasy, going from sweet creatures like fairies or mermaids to terrible orcs. Animals, piecies of art or nice characters.Using polymerclay but also metal and other matherials. 

I like to change subject and type, I like challenges.

I've also started taking private commissions for custom jobs. This opened up the magical world of fan art, famous people and their mythical stories to me.

I'm looking for a realistic style, creating unique pieces, cured in the smallest detail. 

Each piece is unique, is an OOAK, One of a Kind and born from my great passion.

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